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Kurt Busch suspended by NASCAR for Dover tirade

Kurt Busch suspended by NASCAR for Dover tirade

Kurt Busch (C) has been parked by NASCAR for the Pocono week for an angry tirade with the media at Dover last weekend (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)



   By Mike Mulhern

   DOVER, Del.
   In a sharp rebuke to 2004 series champion Kurt Busch, for his latest angry tirade against the media, NASCAR officials announced Monday afternoon Busch has been suspended from competing in this week's Pocono 400.
   Busch was penalized for 'actions detrimental to stock car racing,' 'violation of probation,' and 'verbal abuse to a media member.'
   Busch, officially suspending until June 13, would thus be allowed to race in next week's Michigan 400.
   NASCAR also extended Busch's probation until Dec. 31; the probation, for his run-in with Ryan Newman at Darlington last month, was to have ended July 25th.
   The suspension, similar to what NASCAR did with his brother Kyle for an on-track incident last fall at Texas, is only rarely used by the stock car racing sanctioning body.

   Busch issued a curt statement:  “I accept NASCAR’s decision. I put them in a box, they had to take action and it's my fault for putting them in this position. I apologize for the comments I made to Bob Pockrass."

   James Finch, the veteran team owner who provides the Cup cars Busch drives, plans to discuss the entire situation with Busch and decide what to do next. Finch will have a car at Pocono this week for the 400, and he says he's talking with possible drivers, including Brian Vickers.

   Jimmy Spencer, whose run-in with Busch a few years ago led NASCAR to suspend him for punching him in the nose in the Michigan garage, is now a television analyst. Spencer's view:
   "Kurt Busch's suspension is long overdue, and that is coming from someone who learned his lesson after sitting out a race for punching him a few years ago. 

   "Kurt has been given plenty of chances to right his wrongs and put himself back on the right path, but he has failed to take advantage of any of those opportunities. 

   "NASCAR had to do something to restore a sense of respect toward the sport on Kurt's behalf because he seems to consistently flaunt his disrespect for everything and everyone in this sport.  Maybe sitting out and watching the race from the pit box or his couch will wake him up to how great he really has it.

   "If Kurt is under the microscope, it is because he has put himself there by acting as if the rules don't apply to him.  But the rules apply to everyone, and if you cannot treat your fellow competitors, crew members and members of the media in a respectable manner, you do not deserve to race. 

   "He's a hell of a driver, but until he gets his temper under control, he has no business in a race car.

   "Speaking from experience, I can say that my suspension was extremely upsetting to me, but it made me a better person off the track.  That's what Kurt needs now, and I hope this helps him. It seems to have straightened his little brother, Kyle, out, and I hope the same is true for Kurt."

   Fellow TV commentator Larry McReynolds, a former crew chief, says Busch is facing a turning point: "He alone is holding his career in the palm of his hands, and he's absolutely throwing it away.  It makes me want to shake him and say 'Kurt, please take a look at what you’re doing.'

   "This isn't just about what happened at Dover Saturday.  This is Homestead....this is Darlington...

    "This is not about passion, this is about respect for people – people like us (media) who are trying to grow and build this sport.

    "The next 60 to 90 days for Kurt Busch are going to be so critical...not for what he does on the track but how he handles situations.

   "He is self-destructing -- and he's in control of it."





Mike,There's a signifigant difference between

There's a signifigant difference between NASCAR's penalties on Kyle at Texas last year and Kurt's at Pocono this weekend. Kyle was parked for the Texas Nationwide and Cup races. A driver who was "parked" can't appeal his penalty. Kurt was suspended so he has the option to appeal the penalty though I think he'd be wise not to do so unless John Midddlebrook is going to hear the case.

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