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JR: No. 100.....so Happy Birthday, Jack


Greg Biffle winning Friday's Phoenix Nationwide race (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


    By Mike Mulhern

    So maybe now Jack Roush is getting things back together in the Ford camp….though a Friday night Nationwide win doesn't make a season.
    Still, the veteran car owner is celebrating – not just Greg Biffle's win here but No. 100 for Roush in the sport's Triple-A leagues.
    Roush hit No. 100 on the Cup side at Dover two years ago.
    So Roush will be happily enjoying Monday's birthday.
    "We've had an incredible run in an incredible series, where the competition is intense," Roush says.
    Indeed, Roush has long been a mainstay team owner for that series, going back to Mark Martin's long run of wins. And Roush has long had his Cup drivers running either full-time or part-time Nationwide…in part because it works economically, with a good price point that helps out the entire operation.
    "It is a great venue to fulfill the needs of our sponsors and develop young drivers," Roush says.
    "We've also found it to be a good place for our senior drivers to become acclimated with the track in the Nationwide
race before they race in the Sprint Cup race the next day. It also allows the crew to gather additional information on things such as tire
pressures that can help the entire organization."
     Roush's 100 wins: Martin, 40; Carl Edwards, 20; Biffle, 17; Jeff Burton, 16; Matt Kenseth seven.
    Ironically, considering Roush's road racing background, he has yet to win one of NASCAR's few Nationwide road races.

Jack Roush (L) and Mark Martin, for years 'the franchise' (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


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