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Joey Logano takes an E-ride he didn't really want, early in Dover 400

  Joey Logano (20), shaken but not stirred (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

   By Mike Mulhern

   DOVER, Del.
   Joey Logano is okay, shaken but okay, after one of the season's most violent crashes, early in Sunday's Dover 400.
   Logano, who qualified well, 11th for the second race of the championship chase, was running just behind Bobby Labonte and just ahead of Tony Stewart moments after a restart when the incident occurred.
   Labonte said he had moved a little low to protect the low groove and not get freight-trained, after his spotter said he was 'clear' low.
   But Logano was already low, by a little bit. So Logano had to quickly check up to avoid hitting Labonte.
   In turn Stewart tagged Logano, whose car slid low to the apron then veered widly across the track into the outside wall, right in the middle of the pack. Reed Sorenson and Robby Gordon, both going high to avoid the mess, suddenly found Logano's car right in their path. Sorenson hit Logano, whose car flipped seven times before coming to rest.
   All the drivers involved were checked out by infield doctors and released.  The race was red-flagged for 23 minutes.
   "It just scared the heck out of me," Logano said.
    "I'm not really sure what happened. The spotter cleared me low. And then…..it was like 'Please, make this stop.' But it just kept going.
   "I haven't seen the replay…and I'm not sure I want to. That's the wildest ride I've ever been on. I'm still shaking. But I'm not even sore.
   "I'm glad I wound up on my wheels; when I was on my side I was getting worried."
   "I don't know how to say 'I'm sorry enough' to Joey," Stewart said. "I don't know what happened, but he just checked up.
    "I’m fine.  It goes to show how safe these cars are."
    Here's the video of the crash: http://bit.ly/19U0cC

  Joey Logano (Photo: Toyota Motorsports)

It was a wild wreck, but not

It was a wild wreck, but not quite as vicious as it could have been. I'm amazed the cars don't tumble more often at Dover - the place is ridiculously fast for its size and configuration.

It's reminiscent of Carl

It's reminiscent of Carl Long's flip at Rockingham a few years ago. Glad to see Joey as well as Carl were okay after the accidents.

I seen so many crashes in the

I seen so many crashes in the COT that I think I'm becoming a bit insensitive to the seriousness of a crash.

I just waited for the car to stop rolling and I knew that Joey would pop out like Michael McDowell did after his Texas crash.

I would like to take a moment to say how much I hated the announcing during the race by ABC/ESPN crew. I never saw a more lackluster, uncaring performance and wish that NASCAR would reconsider ever signing with ABC again.

Uh, hateful. Pfft.

Thank you.

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