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Joe Nemechek joining the growing ranks of NASCAR 'independents' as once again an owner-driver


By Mike Mulhern

   Joe Nemechek may be down but not out, and he's now got plans to run the full NASCAR Cup tour and a number of Nationwide series events, for his own team, to be headed by veteran crew chief Philippe Lopez.
    Nemechek, who drove last season for a Colorado-based NASCAR team, concedes there are a lot of ifs to figure out.
   "But we are confident about acquiring sponsorship for 12 Cup races, and we're working to secure sponsorship for the remaining 24 events, and also for a number of Nationwide races," Nemechek says.
   "We have an excellent opportunity for a company interested in pursuing a cost-effective motorsports sponsorship. We want to race, and put people back to work in these tough economic times."
   In a curious twist, Nemechek says he'll run Toyotas on the Cup series and Chevrolets in Nationwide.


First of all, I must say that

First of all, I must say that Mike Mulhern..it is so very good to see this website and to see you back reporting the news of NASCAR. You are one of the premier NASCAR journalists in the country and I always enjoy reading your stuff....

It is nice to see that front row Joe may have something cooking for both the Cup and Nationwide series. Hopefully he gets all of the sponsorship that he needs to at least have a reasonable chance of being competitive out there on the tours.

Thanks, mon....glad to be

Thanks, mon....glad to be back on the road again. I'm glad to see Joe taking the leap of faith...and it will be interesting to see how the engine deal goes, with him running Toyotas in Cup and Chevys in Nationwide. The COT -- much as I have criticized it for its on-track performance -- may be just the car at just the right moment in time, for guys like Joe and Tommy Baldwin and Slugger Labbe, starting up teams. It's the engine program that's the big question now. I just talked with Mike Helton the other day about that -- and he too realizes we've got to get back to the point where the engine building operation isnt dominated by just a handful of big engine operations. i'm curious what you might think about the engine situation -- how do we get back to where parts and pieces (good parts and pieces) are readily available to any engine builder who wants to join the tour. think Detroit might need some armtwisting here....

With all these underfunded

With all these underfunded one-car teams starting up I wonder how often Robby Gordon's phone rings seeking advice.

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