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Jimmie Johnson says he never waivered in his support for business agent Alan Miller


Jimmie Johnson (Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)


   By Mike Mulhern

   Jimmie Johnson says the full acquittal of his business agent Alan Miller Friday in a federal court in Miami was a big relief.
   "I am just happy for everyone involved," Johnson said. "I know it has been extremely tough on all of them.
    "I know more about Alan and what Alan and his family have been experiencing, and this just so happy for them. Hopefully they will take a nice long vacation and let that stress find its way out of his body.
    "A man with his status, at his age, to experience something like this, this late in his career, it has been really, really tough on them, and I am very, very happy for him."
    Johnson left a voicemail for Miller. "Then I had a text message on my phone from him, and I responded back 'Hell, yes.'
    "He has taken care of me for a long, long time and has done an amazing job.
    "I am glad the judicial system was able to work itself out."
    Miller was charged with tax evasion in the Helio Castroneves case. Castroneves was also acquitted.
    Through the legal ordeal Johnson staunchly supported Miller: "I just know what I have dealt with.
   "I am not familiar with Helio's situation.
    "I was just asked to be a character witness (for Miller), and I was in and out, and didn't really get a feel for what was going on during the trial.
    "But what I know of that man, how he has taken care of me and been an advisor for me….
     "He is a conduit for me, somebody I get advice from when I need help -- with insurance, or buying a motorhome, or negotiating a contract.
   "In general he helps me build my team and is a big part of my team. He's always advised me with law in mind, utmost respect, integrity, all the things you would ever hope for.
    "That is basically what I went down and said in court."
    Miller has been Johnson's agent for some 13 years. "The first four or five years he never sent me a bill," Johnson said.

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