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Ever wonder what Daytona's infield Lake Lloyd is all about? Well, here's the update......

   By Mike Mulhern


   The unrelenting rain in parts of Florida has flooded parts of Daytona Beach, leading to an official state of emergency in Volusia County and other areas, and Daytona International Speedway wasn't immune to the weather.
   Some residents have been sandbagging their homes against the rains, crops are at question, and more rain is expected.
   Daytona Beach, which is only 10 feet above sea level, has had from 10 to 20 inches of rain over the past few days.
   Track spokesman Andrew Booth says "Like much of the surrounding area, we've received a significant amount of rainfall in recent days. There has been no significant damage at the Speedway from the rain but we have had some ponding of water."
   Pictures of the track, apparently taken by track workers, show the new first turn tunnel under water; but track officials say they just turned off the pumps temporarily, to help the nearby airport handle its own water problems.
   More pictures of the track also appear to show rather deep water at the backstretch Safer wall. And fish from Lake Lloyd, the well-known infield lake that is used for fishing at times, apparently have been having fun with their suddenly expanded pond.
   Of course anyone who has been in Florida is not unfamiliar with major downpours (though this particular siege has been uncommonly heavy).
   However Daytona track officials, who are working hard to sell tickets to the July Fourth NASCAR 400, have been acutely sensitive to the issue, and they have declined to allow pictures to be taken of the water-logged speedway.
   Even the local Daytona News-Journal was apparently denied access for photographs.
   And track officials have requested websites to take down any photos, though there are numerous internet posts of those photographs still up and live.
  A video report on the issue, including helicopter video, from one Daytona area TV station, WFTV, is HERE.


More Photos Please!

More Photos Please!

Lets have some Boat

Lets have some Boat Racing~!~



In my minds eye, I picture

In my minds eye, I picture Jimmy saying "Hey Chad, it's a little slick on the super stretch!"

Is there fishing at lake

Is there fishing at lake lloyd? What kind of fish and when is fishing available? My husband wants to travel there for the race and fishing.

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