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And the latest update on Trevor Bayne is.....

 And still no word on that mysterious ailment....(Photo: Getty Images for NASCAR)

  By Mike Mulhern


   Daytona winner Trevor Bayne will have to sit out yet another week, Jack Roush said Thursday.

   That means Bayne will compete in neither the Saturday All-Star race here nor Sunday's Nationwide race at Iowa Speedway.
   Steve Newmark, president of Roush Fenway, said "Although we would like for Trevor to be on the track this weekend, we want to make sure that he is fully back to prime condition before he goes out to compete with the best drivers in the world.
   "He has been undergoing tests and out of his routine for almost a month now. With that disruption in his schedule, he has not been able to take part in our daily training activities and he's going to need a little more time to get acclimated to the strenuous demands of a NASCAR racing schedule.
   "Obviously we would love to have him back out on the track, but we are not prepared to do that until we are sure that he's 100 percent. 
   "His symptoms have improved tremendously, but we're still not all the way back to where we want to be."
    This means the Woods brothers will also sit out the All-Star weekend. "We knew all along that there was not a timetable for his return," Eddie Wood said. "We knew it would be a process. And we continue to work towards his return.
    "Trevor really wants to be back, and we remain hopeful that we'll have him competing again soon."


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